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truckingthroughlife's podcast

Feb 26, 2022

Michelle discusses what the Akashic records include, how she accesses it, how it is referenced in various religions, and what information it provides for each and every person.,



Feb 20, 2022

Michelle shares a recent reading from the Akashic Record that delves into Light Bearers, the current state of the world and limiting beliefs surrounding money.


Feb 13, 2022

Michelle discusses how stress and emotions are recorded in the brain. She talks about how those emotionally charged, stressful experiences are stored and can affect our behavior subconciously. She also discusses how to "rewire" these memories and eliminate or reduce the emotional "charge" associated with...

Feb 8, 2022

MIchelle discusses the increased frequency of "openings" amongst the world's population. She dicusses what an opening is about, how to create a protective safe space during this time and what type of skills can be useful for someone during and following...